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Managing Your Blog

affiliate program So how do you manage a blog?  Do you dedicate time everyday to writing about something?  Where do you get your content ideas? What if you want to take a day off?  or what if your schedule or mentality just doesn't allow for daily writing and posts?  Here I am going to give [...]


Original content……..

I just got done posting a story on Ghost Tweeting and while doing the research for this article I came across something that I still find disturbing.  It's been done for years, centuries I am sure but the proliferation of stealing of content is disturbing.  I did a search for Kirstie Alley's Twittervention and this [...]


Ghost Tweeting – Still????

Is there really such a thing?  Oh Yes there is and It's growing.  I wrote about this last year (More and More Twitter Ghost Tweeters)  I just did a search for Ghost Tweeting Jobs within the last month and came up with 97thousand yes thousand posts.  It is of such relevance that the SES show [...]


It’s Been a While

When I wrote my book about how to twitter and spent 3 months researching Twitter and creating how to videos I was convinced I was going to make a boat load of money off of my Twitter How To blog, book and videos.   Had I listened to some friends I would have made boat [...]


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